Simple Tournament Management
The easiest way to manage your tournament
by using our embeded management modules
Supported Formats
Billiardport handles a variety of fully automated bracket formats:
RoundRobin (Groups),Single KO , Double KO, ReBuy , Mixed , custom.
Player Profiles
Detailed player profiles with statistics of
Tour played,match/game win lost, head to head comparing with other players etc.
Tournament Profile
Detailed tournament profile including with
bracket,schedule,rankings,statistics, etc.
Tournament Scheduler
Our scheduler can automatically define all your matches time within seconds
by defining your parameters: num of players,tables,days and estimated match time.
Draw Generator
Guaranteed a proper and independent drawing in seconds with registered players. If you want you can define your seeded players before the draw and walkovers will be separated automatically.
Great Features
We have too many additional functionalities which will make you impressed, such as:
Combined ranking systems, livescore/livestream tools, scoreboards, hd/nonhd/projection screen solutions,player alerts,etc.
You can reach us 7X24 by e-mail [email protected].

About BilliardPort

BilliardPort provides you a simple management and monitoring abilities for your tournaments. We are supporting most popular tournament systems (double,single,mix,round robin,etc.) with online draw charts,match scores,player profiles and statistics of tournaments and players as well. This portal is ideal for leagues and organizations running billiard tournaments.

  • Simple tournament management
  • Scoreboards for mobile&desktop devices
  • Live coverage: Live scores,Live streams
  • Tournament scheduler
  • Tournaments for players,teams,scotch doubles
  • Random draw generator
  • Various type of handicaps
  • Customizable based on your requests.
  • Various type of formats; Groups,Double KO,Single KO,Mixed,Custom, etc.)
  • Overall statistics for your players,events.

BilliardPort organizes your tournament at the touch of a button. The system has many great features which makes you impressed.

Imran Majid, 2016

What our customers area saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Jakob Lyng
DDBU Pool Administrator
The Danish Billard Federation are very pleased with the Tournament Portal provided by We have been able to customize it to our needs team Billiardport have been very helpful in this process. The system is going to handle all pool tournaments in Denmark, about 40 every year. This is the only system we have found that could do that, including scoreboards at the tables and have the possibility to change format, schedule, race to, and even being able to check player licence with our main database. The system is very intuitive, both to the Tournament Director,visitors and users of the site for results, livescores and draw charts.
Aşkın Burcu
President of Billiard Federation of North Cyprus
We as a Billiard Federation of North Cyprus have been using this systems since 2010.
Mr.Ozdemir, the founder of this portal is the unique person who knows pool tournaments both as a player and tournament director. With this portal you can find whatever you want to manage and monitor your tournaments. We organized more than 80 national tournaments and international tournaments including team leagues with single,double and round robin systems.
I’m happy to hear that Mr.Ozdemir share this fantastic portal to every tournament administrators and clubs in world wide.
Imran Majid
Professional Player
I have played numerous tournaments around the globe most of them organised with pen and paper. BilliardPort organizes your tournament at the touch of a button. The system has many great features such as creating draws for tournaments, lives coring, livestream,player profiles and tournament statistics etc. This system was created by a player and tournament organiser so every detail has been focused on thoroughly. I used this system recently in a tournament to score for my match and was so user friendly. Will be looking forward to see BilliardPort in future events and can see it being used worldwide very soon.
Murat Tüzül
Tuzul Caroom System Founder
I have been organizing tournaments with my club members for many years. I tried to share the result and statistics of these tournaments with the limited knowledge to the limited programs until Billiardport.
This web based program provides best service for those who want a user-friendly platform. This appreciated program is also followed by the people who want to get the results easily and enable us to follow live. As i mentioned above, i strongly and gladly recommend this program to the people of all ages who wants to organize a tournament in any discipline. You will understand me after using the program and experience the power, effectiveness and simplicity of the program.

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